In Basements dark, and caverns...er...taverns....old?

The party regrouped in the basement and decided to strike out through the caves adjacent to the basement. A slow and steady pace was adopted and Vairek left a trail of scratch marks so the party could find its way back. After some twisting and turning a larger cavern was discovered supported by rotting timber bracing.

As the cavern was inspected, a viper of terrifying size dropped from the rafters and began attacking the party binding some and biting others. Eddrick’s keen eye noticed during the fight that party of the wall moved or swayed during the fight.

Following the snake’s grisly death, the party discovered the moving wall was in fact a curtain colored to look like rock. Located behind the curtain were three large and empty chests.

Continued exploration of the cave system provided the discovery of a grotesque statue of a large serpent with a human woman’s face made of alabaster and made of several pieces of cut stone and shaped to fit together. From there they followed a separate passage that led in roughly the direction of the inn and discovered a small offshoot cave that appeared to have little to no travel into.

Upon entering the cave, the party was surprised when they were attacked by decrepit skeletons rising from the ground. As the skeletons were cut down, Varyan noticed that one of the skeletons had a patch of leathery skin that had a worn and faded tattoo of flaming trident. In his rage he cut the skin off and put it in his pack. When confronted about this, he explained how attackers bearing this mark murdered his mother when he was a teenager.

The party decided to return to the inn. As they returned to the basement, they heard footsteps upstairs. They split up and took out several thugs both inside and outside of the Golden Grain Inn. They killed all of their attackers and kidnapped they apparent commander. Intent on getting some answers about what was going on in Orlin.



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