Arl Voychek Neruda

Arl of lands that border the Korcari Wilds and the Brecilian Forest.


Arl Voychek Neruda is the arl of a fairly large arling along the southern border of Ferelden. It borders both the Brecilian Forest and the trackless Korcari Wilds. A short man, he makes up for his diminutive stature with an intimidating personality. He certainly feels the weight of his position and lashes out at others as a means of dealing with the stress. While his arling is known for the valuable grain, ryott, the tempestuous nature of the crop makes it hard to build a reliable economy around, despite it’s significant value. As such, he doesn’t always have the adequate resources to deal with issues as they arise (such as the decaying state of his fortress, Stenhold) which creates yet one more point of stress.

With the rumors of a coming Blight and the orders to prepare for war from the King, the arl finds himself openly preparing for battle, but inwardly dubious of his ability to make a difference. Under such pressure as he is, it is easy for him to attain tunnel-vision of a sort, assuming other matters can be easily tended to by others and that they do no warrant even a modicum of his time.

Arl Voychek Neruda

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