Waiter, there's some poison in my soup...

Getting off on the wrong foot

The party met with Bann Nicola and at her behest were sent to her bannric in the Bannorn to investigate the town of Orlin. She claimed that people had gone missing and were also just leaving the town and that trade and travel through the town had slowed to a trickle. She asked her beneficiaries to go investigate what was happening there and deal with it if possible, always remembering to protect her family’s good name.

Eddrick purchased a mabari puppy from a young breeder named Felayn. Kehleyhr purchased a falcon and the group all went in on some salt, silk and fish at Ograth’s request. They arrived in Orlin, and saw the grand chantry building that looks like an old repurposed fort. They spoke with a young man at the edge of town seeking a place to stay and he pointed them in the direction of the Golden Grain Inn.

The party went to the Inn and were warmly greeted by the proprietor Bertram Biswell, but cautiously watched by the locals present in the inn. Bertram seated them and got them rounds of drinks. The party was suspicious but correctly deduced the ale was safe to drink. Bertram began asking them questions and answering the parties. Indicating among other things that he didn’t trust the mayor of the town, and that there were Templars stationed at the Chantry. He also indicated a dwarven merchant named Iggy Oggiliv was staying at the Inn too.

When the food came it out, the party ate up, and all of them but Vairek passed out. Feeling wobbly and woozy he headed upstairs to the parties room to wait out the ill effects he was feeling, taking Kehleyhr’s falcon with him. After some amount of time and what sounded like several sets of feet heading up and down the stairs a knock came at the door. Vairek opened the door to discover a dwarf with a big scar over his eye standing there. Vairek addressed him as Iggy, but was rebuffed and the dwarf attacked. Vairek and the falcon fought the dwarf, eventually causing him to retreat. They gave chase and were accosted by two thugs who were waiting in the otherwise empty common room. As they descended the stairs after the unnamed dwarf they heard a crash that sound like glass and after dealing with the ruffians on the steps they found no sign of the dwarf and a broken window in the back of the common room.

At the same time as Vairek was fighting the unnamed dwarven assassin, the other party members slowly woke up in a small stone room with only a single candle casting light and none of their equipment around (including Eddricks puppy), but they still had their armor on. They were eventually able to slip their bonds and opened a door that was barred on their side and entered into a dug earthen tunnel. They closed the door and went out through the curtain hanging over a doorway on the opposite side of the room. There they found four thugs who quickly drew weapons and attacked. Kehleyhr came to during the fight and joined the others. Varyan disarmed the mace from one of the thugs and began to beat him with his fists and the newly acquired mace. Ograth fought with his gauntleted fists and a full chamber pot he began using as a club while Eddrick unleashed powerful spells like stonefist and shock, disabling the unprepared thugs. Kehleyr hurled a small wooden keg at the bung of one of the hogsheads of beer located in the large room where the fight was occurring. Beer sprayed everywhere and some of the thugs (and one of the party members) lost their footing. In time the PCs were able to overcome the thugs.



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