Flaming red beard and hair and grey eyes


Vairek’s piercing grey eyes speak of a keen intelligence. His wit is keen and cutting, but gentle with those for whom he cares. His hands are as skilled with the daggers he wields as they are at knocking back pints of ale at the local tavern.

It’s unclear how he came to be a surface dwarf, and he clearly isn’t speaking about it, those with a very keen ear for accents can tell that he was not born on the surface. He clearly has adapted to life on the surface though and is quick with his daggers as he is with his wit. His exploits led him to run in with a Circle Mage whom he befriended and accompanied on his quest to hunt down darkspawn harassing his village. This led him to a run in with Lord Valder’s men. Who seemed surprised that a dwarf could move as fast as he can. It was at Lord Valder’s court that he met his current companions.


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