Orphaned at birth and raised by a human weapon-smith. She's searching for her clan, her history, and her way in the world.


Kehlehyr’s story starts and ends with the death of her parents, both times they died.

As a newborn infant, she was left amidst the ruins of a destroyed Dalish caravan where she was overlooked by the raiders while everyone else was slaughtered. Found and taken in by a human family in a nearby settlement, she was raised and trained as a hunter by a weaponsmith and his wife. Her size and natural grace as an elf gave her a great advantage in stalking her prey with a bow and hiding from that which might have stalked her.

Shortly after her 12th birthday, she lost her family yet again when she was witness to yet another raid on her surrogate family. The settlement was destroyed by another group of unknown raiders and only her skills of stealth allowed her to escape with her life.

She set out in to the world alone, hoping to one day find those who slaughtered her families, armed with only her wits, skills, and a single heirloom pendant which she hoped would someday lead her to her origins and those that took her past from her.

There is more to the story, but Kehlehyr has never felt close enough to anyone since her adolescence to share more than these sparse details.


Uthenera Kehlehyr