A one time dwarven merchant, turned mason.


Durrik was born in Orzammar, but like many dwarves, struggled to find his place in it’s complicated political society. After the death of his parents to Carta thugs, he decided to leave Orzammar (and the Stone) behind him. He fled to the surface and quickly came to realize how much more he enjoyed humans and other surfacers (particularly those of his own kind).

He fell into a local merchant consortium trading goods through Fereldan, namely throughout the Bannorn and in Denerim and Amaranthine. After a time he was assigned to help a dwarf named Strom Karsgard. They travelled to the village of Sothmere in the arling of one Arl Voychek Neruda with regular frequency.

In time though, the merchant’s life became a steady routine of boredom for Durrik and during one of their trips to Sothmere, he was made aware of hiring poster for adventurers made by the Arl himself. Thinking that a little adventure might be in order, he parted ways with Strom and headed to Stenhold to sign-up.

After going through a serious adventure of sorts( An Arl’s Ransom), Durrik decided that he had had enough adventuring and signed on as a mason in the employ of the Arl at his fortress, Stenhold.


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