Some times you wanna go where everyone is a horrific lizardman hybrid

The interrogation of the cultist leader slowly led to interesting developments. Few things were learned other than her name is Ferida, and she is an incredibly devout follower of some deity she refers to as Her Lady, claiming her to be the only true god. Little else was garnered from her other than the those in the Chantry may also no of Her Lady and her specific whereabouts.

They also learned that the entire town may not be under the sway of this cult after some information that Ferida provided about the inn next to the Golden Grain, the Inn of the Slumbering Serpent.

Kehlehyr, Ograth and Vairek went to the Slumbering Serpent to corroborate her claims. They found the atmosphere friendly and the food noticeably un-poisoned. Ograth also managed to sell the Inn keeper some salt.

Kehlehyr was trying to get more information out of Ferida on her return. It was decided that if the let Ferida go, she would bring Misha, the Revered Mother at the Chantry to them, who could take them to Her Lady. They agreed to meet in a neutral location, a run down inn known as the Foaming Mug Inn.

The party moved their prisoner through the streets without encountering anyone and they were able to easily break into the run down inn. Besides the obvious clutter and ransacked nature of the inn was a powerful odor coming from the basement. Upon exploring the basement they were accosted by horrifying abominations, giant lizards with the gait and musculature of men, wearing armor, wielding crude stone axes and exuding an odor so offensive that it cost most of the party some time to steel their resolve to get close enough to attack. Ferida was tossed at their feet by a furious Kehlehyr only to discover that they did not deem her a threat.

After the terrible creatures were defeated Ferida was pressured into explaining these beasts. Ferida identified them as troglodytes and said they were the blessed forms Her Lady raised her faithful to.

The party leveled up and decided to take the fight to the Chantry.



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